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loic  29 Aug '08, 15:28
In the past years the ski-dome in Neuss/Germany unfortunately was not famous for its Funpark. But this summer the responsibles decided to rely on a professional solution by Schneestern. Actually the park was designed for the target-group: "Beginner" and "Advanced". But for the opening of the park in the context of the contest "PARKZEIT" we actually pimped the one or the other obstacle.
Furthermore there was the premiere of the new Schneestern Modular-System obstacles. From the season 2008/2009 on all products of the same construction-group will be combinable with each other. In Neuss we just easily put together a 22m long "wave-double-kinked-kickout-box". The new elements for the ski-dome are also constructed as modular system-elements and can be rebuilt and combined with each other by the shapers along the year as they wish. You will find out more about the Schneestern Modular-System in the following days here.
The park in Neuss is supported by the new youth-label ONE BIG PARK by Salzburger Land, more infos at

Your Schneestern Team

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apachu  29 Aug '08, 15:30
leuke boxen zo te zien
scratch  29 Aug '08, 16:16
haha, die laatste ziet er echt marginaal goe uit :d
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