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dragonfly  09 Feb '09, 18:22
Atomic B TECH Series 90 in goede staat. Nieuwprijs was 375euro en slechts 3 weken gebruikt. Mag weg voor 175euro.


Goede schoen voor de ervaren skir. Mogelijkheid om de voetzool te verwarmen via batterijen (optioneel). Recco systeem voor als je in een lawine terecht komt. Mondopoint 27,5/28 komt overeen met maat 42,5/43/43,5 (De opgegeven Europese maten zijn een benadering, passen is de boodschap!)

Magnesium bindingen met micro functie om precies af te stellen. Canting kan aangepast worden

Atomic B90 Features:

Offset Shell design - The angle of the foot shape in the boot is offset by 3 degrees. Stance on the ski is more natural and comfortable angled outward slightly.
Custom Sport Liner - Just the right blend of performance and comfort, this liner can be heat molded, but it molds itself nicely to your foot as you wear it. Breaks in to fit, but doesn't break down and get sloppy.
Thermic prewired insole - Just clip on the optional battery, and plug it in. Presto, your boot is heated.
104 mm Wide Body last - A wide, comfortable fit for the forefoot, combined with a nice snug heel pocket. Even has extra room in the ankle area and just below.
Bi Injected shell - Multiple plastics are co molded together to make the boot stiff in all the right places for maximum power transfer, and soft in all the fitting areas for ease of entry and comfort.
Magnesium alloy Buckles - Large, easy to operate buckles are micro adjustable to allow the perfect tension for the perfect fit
No tool flex adjuster - Just push a button to slide the flex adjuster from softer to stiffer on the back of the cuff.
Adjustable cuff alignment - Allows the upper cuff of the boot to be aligned so that your feet are flat on the snow.
Grip Pad sole - The bottom of the shell has rubber inserts to help maintain footing on slippery, icy walkways.

This boot is truly different than other boots. More room, more features, more comfort. The fit is incredible, and the performance is state of the art. Atomic's technology really shines in this new model. Join the Atomic team, get the B90 and you will be amazed at good you can really be!
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